Picnic in the Wilderness

A Saturday morning picnic by the riverside was the backdrop as a group of Volvo XC90 T8 owners gathered to bond over the common love of their cars.


he rising sun shone brightly, bringing life to the water streaming through the Sungai Tekala Recreation Forest where a group of Volvo XC90 T8 owners had gathered to spend a Saturday morning together in the wilderness, taking their beloved cars of the beaten track whilst bonding in camaraderie.

Amidst the green natural backdrop bisected by the flowing river was the sight of ten Volvo XC90’s with their backs facing the river and their tailgates popped open, each car offering an assortment of food and drink for everybody to have their breakfast out in the open.

Earlier, the group of passionate owners had gathered at the iconic Federal Auto Volvo showroom along Federal Highway, where they were able to meet and interact with key personnel from Volvo Car Malaysia including Managing Director Lennart Stegland.

A product briefing session involving Stegland together with VCM Product Director Akhtar Sulaiman proved particularly productive with Akhtar sharing some tips on the XC90’s features to the owners, whilst the owners in turn offered useful feedback on their usage of the vehicle, and thus helping Volvo to further improve its cars in the future.

Traffic was clear as the group departed for their outing, and there was even the opportunity for everybody to experience the XC90’s dynamic character along the winding roads approaching Semenyih.

Here, the superior performance of the XC90’s T8 Twin Engine PHEV powertrain along with the agile handling made possible by Volvo Cars’ advanc‍‍‍ed SPA platform gave every driver belief to tackle the roads confidently whilst keeping their families feeling safe onboard.

Once at the Sungai Tekala Recreation Forest, the XC90 with its tailgate popped up and facing the river immediately felt at home, blending into the background whilst its owners and their families enjoy the beauty of nature free from worries.

Over tasty plates of meehoon, fried kuey teow, an assortment of fruits, and other condiments, owners exchanged various stories of their cars as well as their personal lives. Kids were seen diving into the river whilst phones were whipped out for customary selfies.

Mid-day approached, and came the inevitable farewells. Everybody shook hands, some even exchanged hugs, and many even asked when the next outing will come along. As the cars went their own merry ways, each were hitting the road with smiling faces from all onboard.


Picnic in the W‍‍‍ilderness