Club Audi Malaysia rocks the Pearl of the Orient in Penang Pursuit 2018

United by a common passion, car clubs are the ultimate expression of an enthusiasts’ love for one’s cars. In the modern age, forming a car club has become relatively easy – a group of owners driving cars of the same brand or model connect via the Internet and, just like that, a new car club is born.

Club Audi Malaysia traces its origins to even before the popularization of social media, the days of online forums at and Today, it continues to be one of the more active clubs in the scene and it is renowned for organizing elaborately-themed annual getaway drives for its members.

The northbound journey flagged off an hour late with many members delayed in their arrival to the gathering point at Sg Buloh R&R by severe traffic jams. From flag-off, participants made a beeline to Penang, regrouping at the Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam bridge before crossing into the island for a wonderful nasi kandar lunch at Restoran Pen Mutiara.

And they always come up with catchy names for their outings. In 2014, it was Coastal Conquest, followed by Southern Siege in 2015 and Langkawi Lockdown in 2016. For 2018, the tradition continued with Penang Pursuit, a three-day affair that attracted the participation of 58 cars.

First night at Penang saw participants treated to gala dinner that included games and lucky draws in its agenda. The participants hit the beach on the evening of Day 2 for a few rounds of beach volley ball and tug-of-war. Amidst the friendly taunts, a few members even conspired to throw the club President into the sea!


Climax of the event was CAM Fest on the morning of Day 3, during which participants showed off their rides and be judged on the conditions of their vehicles.

The conclusion of CAM Fest saw a portion of the crowd dispersing back home with the rest staying an extra night for the optional 4D3N programme. Penang Pursuit 2018 officially concluded as the last batch of cars hit the road on the morning of 15 October, departing Golden Sands and plotting their respective courses for home.

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