The 44th Bangkok International Motor Show announces the readiness.

More than 40 car and motorcycle brands believe in the potential and announce to attend this year’s show. Cars and motorcycles will be brought on display covering the entire exhibition space. Affirm the greatness as the leader of automotive shows in Thailand.

Bangkok, 22nd March 2023 – Grand Prix International Public Company Limited announces the readiness in organizing the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show, which will be held under the concept of “COLORFUL EXPERIENCE”, affirming the greatness as the leader of automotive shows in Thailand. More than 40 car and motorcycle brands are confident and have confirmed their participation by presenting their new models with the latest technology on display covering the entire exhibition space from 22 March 2023 to 2 April 2023 at Challenger Hall, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.

Dr. Prachin Eamlumnow, CEO of Grand Prix International Public Company Limited and the Chairman of the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show 2023 revealed, “This year’s show is held under the concept of “COLORFUL EXPERIENCE” to reflect a variety of experiences through the endless development of automotive technology, especially the coming of electric vehicles that are about to bring a new way of traveling in the new era to everyone.”

“Bangkok International Motor Show is still an automotive show where car and motorcycle dealers, manufacturers, and part manufacturers in the automotive industry bring their products and technologies to participate in the event for a long time. In 2023, there are more than 40 brands of car and motorcycle companies attend and occupy the total exhibition space of over 170,960 square meters. This significantly means that the automotive industry is confident and sees the importance of the Bangkok International Motor Show. Moreover, it also confirms that we are the leader of automotive exhibitions in Southeast Asia, in which the consumers have given their trust for over 44 years.”

“For the direction of Thailand's automotive industry in 2023, the automotive industry, in general, begins to return to its normal conditions. The parts shortage situation in the assembly line has been continuously improving. Also, this year, the government has anticipated an increase in the production of cars and motorcycles in Thailand, compared to last previous year, while the economic conditions will continue to grow well. It is believed that the automotive market will become lively again.”

“The 44th Bangkok International Motor Show continues to receive the kind collaboration from Ministry of Tourism & Sports, The Thai Automotive Industry Association, Society of Automotive Engineers of Thailand, Thai Auto-Parts Manufacturers Association, Thai Intelligent Transport Systems Association, Royal Automobile Association of Thailand (under Royal Patronage) (RAAT), and Impact Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. in organizing the event.”

Mr. Jaturont Komolmis, Chief Operation Officer of Grand Prix International Public Company Limited and the Vice Chairman of the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show revealed, “Although the direction and trend of buying-selling through online channels have played a vital role nowadays, and has grown rapidly and continuously, it has a great effect to the marketing practices and activities of the automotive industry recently.”

“I am confident that Bangkok International Motor Show this year will be another edition that expands our potential and greatness of organizing the event to promote the economy and develop the automotive business of Thailand. With an enormous amount of money invested in the show, it helps create jobs in construction areas, designing areas, and various employments in related fields. It stimulates the overall country’s economy at no lesser than 50 billion Baht. This literally gives a positive effect on entrepreneurs in the automotive industry and other related businesses.”

“However, on behalf of the Organizer of the show, I believe that the automotive market of Thailand is special and has a unique characteristic. Marketing practices through online channels for cars and motorcycles will definitely be there in the future, but it will take time to adapt to the new way of life. For this reason, Bangkok International Motor Show still holds its uniqueness which is not just being a special modernized automotive show, it is also an event that creates a greater liveliness and vibes in the market. Consumers who visit the show also have the opportunity to make decisions and have a variety of choices within one event. This helps stimulate the economy and sales in the automotive industry both during and after the event.”

“This year, we bring back the mightiness of on-ground e-Racing after it has been paused due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The e-Racing zone is located close to the skywalk connecting The Portal and Challenger 1. There will be the organizing of the Gran Turismo Pro Series Thailand Championship 2023, which is a Thailand championship competition that has been held regularly. The competition will be held on March 25, 2023, and April 1, 2023. There will be two main competitions for professional racers to accumulate their points by using Gran Turismo 7 for the first time, which is equivalent to the World Series, the world-class championship racing competition that used Gran Turismo 7 for the last-year races.”

“Like always, Grand Prix International Public Company Limited has received great cooperation from Polyphony Digital Inc., the copyright owner of Gran Turismo 7, granting us to use Gran Turismo for the competitions. In this event, we will arrange a total of 8 simulators to increase the excitement of the competition and allow visitors to enjoy the full experience in the event area.”

Mr. Peeraphong Eamlumnow, Chief Growth Office of Grand Prix International Public Company Limited, and the Vice Chairman of the 44th Bangkok International Motow Show said, “Throughout the past 10 years, Grand Prix as the organizer has consistently improved many new services to facilitate all exhibitors and visitors as well as provide new experiences, especially by applying digital technology for the use of ticket distribution, data collection, and the presentation of Virtual Motor Show alongside the on-ground event during the COVID-19 epidemic.”

“Especially for the EVs market which is expected to grow more than last year. This is because consumers are now having a better understanding of the new automotive technology that will change the way of traveling. Moreover, supportive campaigns from the government in various aspects such as the tax measures that allow consumers to own one at a reasonable retail price, and the production measures that support the production for domestic consumption and for exportation in the future. Therefore, this is another year that Bangkok International Motor Show plays an important role in driving the Thai automotive industry with the introduction of electric cars and a variety of electric motorcycles at the event.”

“But, with more than 40 brands of car and motorcycle manufacturers and dealers still bringing their products to participate in the show covering over 170,960 square meters of exhibition space, it should show that the Bangkok International Motor Show still plays an important role in stimulating consumer demand and help support buying-selling activities in the automotive industry as well.”

“Our target this year is to grow 15-20 percent in both the number of visitors and the total booking number of cars and motorcycles. We believe in our target because of various positive factors such as the relaxation of COVID-19 measures, as well as the economic trend of the nation that has started to recover, and the emergence of EVs for both cars and motorcycles in the market. So, we are confident that the show will definitely grow this year.”

Here is the list of the car and motorcycle brands who participating in the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show; Ford, BMW, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Great Wall Motors, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Maserati, Peugeot, Jeep, Toyota, Lexus, BYD, MG, Mazda, Suzuki, Isuzu, Hyundai, Hyundai Bus & Truck, Audi, Honda, Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan, NETA, Volvo, Porsche, Bentley, Kia, Subaru, Thai Honda Manufacturing, Suzuki Motosales, Yamaha, BMW Motorrad, Harley-Davidson, Ducati, Triumph, and Alpha Volantis, Kawasaki and Royal enfield. For more information, please visit Bangkok International Motor Show website at

Mr. Anothai Eamlumnow, Chief Production Officer of Grand Prix International Public Company Limited, and the Vice Chairman of the 44th Bangkok International Motor Show said, “At the show, in addition to cars, motorcycles, and auto accessories available to choose from and purchase, we have prepared a variety of activities to present to visitors. This year we carry on our e-Sport activities to respond to the popularity that continues to grow for the last 203 years.”

“This year, the organizer has collaborated with Tik Tok Thailand and Media Intelligence or MI in creating Tiktok Motor Show in order to add more channels for consumers to access interesting content about the show, and there will be a Hashtag Challenge activity for visitors to join as well.”

“Moreover, this year, the organizer has added LINE Official Account or Line OA to facilitate customers in purchasing tickets and registering to enter the show. By doing so, it allows us to generate a database called “One Data” to analyze customer behaviors and demands so that Grand Prix can bring such data to develop new products to serve customers better. It is also a new communication channel between Grand Prix and clients in regard to new products and services   covering auto and lifestyle categories, which Grand Prix has developed for the growth of future businesses.”