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Sony Store, BBCC

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MONDAY, JAN 17, 2022


Lifestyle shopping mall LaLaport makes Southeast Asian debut in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, 17th January 2022 Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., a leading global real estate company headquartered in Tokyo, (President and Chief Executive Officer : Masanobu Komoda) today announced that its commercial facility “Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport BUKIT BINTANG CITY CENTRE” ("LaLaport BBCC") will open in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The commercial facility forms the core of the BUKIT BINTANG CITY CENTRE (“BBCC”) Project, a large-scale complex development in the central urban district of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The entire BBCC Project including the Retail Facility has a total site area of approximately 78,500sqm. LaLaport BBCC will become Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.’s first regional retail facility in Southeast Asia, the second LaLaport outside of Japan, after Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport Shanghai Jinqiao, which opened in April 2021. This is a flagship project and LaLaport BBCC will be one of the largest facilities (with a store floor space of 82,600sqm (est.)) among all the LaLaport malls including those located in Japan. It will open on 20th January 2022 and approximately 400 stores will open in sequence.

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. is actively developing the commercial facility business in Asian countries and regions including Shanghai and Taiwan with its experience cultivated over the years in Japan. The opening of LaLaport BBCC will also bring about a new customer experience with its lifestyle-based shopping mall proposition from Japan. The mall aims to become a facility that offers new culture and trends in Malaysia.

1. LaLaport debuts in Malaysia

Mitsui Fudosan’s Overseas Commercial Facility Strategy

One of the aspirations under Long-Term Vision, Mitsui Fudosan Group Vision, VISION 2025, is “to evolve into a global company”. Accordingly, the Group will continue to seek robust growth in the overseas business landscape. Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd has been conducting commercial facility business in Asia. In addition to the outlet mall business in Kuala Lumpur and across cities in Taiwan, the Group has been promoting the LaLaport business in Shanghai which was opened this year, Kuala Lumpur which is opening soon in 2022, as well as Taiwan which is already underway. The group will continue to aim for further business development centered on long-term partnerships with local companies.


The BBCC project is located in central Kuala Lumpur. Thetotal site area of about 78,500sqm consisting of commercial facilities, condominiums, serviced apartments, offices, hotels, etc. This is a large-scale urban development project. The BBCC project aims to become a unique landmark that realizes a new lifestyle by bridging diverse functions, such as "work, housing, play and relaxation" that are required of cities.

A well-developed transportation infrastructure is also a major feature of the BBCC project's urban development. For public transportation, a pedestrian bridge connecting directly to the Monorail or LRT "Hang Tuah" station is available. For convenient car access, there are three tunnels that lead to the carpark directly from each side. In addition, the construction of pedestrian bridges leading to the BBCC project are expected to further improve the BBCC area’s accessibility.

2. Numerous stores offering new lifestyles and customer experiences in Malaysia

Unique and attractive stores from Japan offer new lifestyle choices

By taking advantage of the Japanese commercial facility network, LaLaport BBCC will bring well-known brands from Japan such as NITORI, Nojima and JONETZ by DON DON DONKI. In addition, Star Child, a nursery school that incorporates Japanese- style childcare and intellectual education, will open its first facility in Malaysia.

Numerous stores offering experience that enriches customers' staying time

As a place to offer new value to Malaysian customers with diverse needs, this facility not only serves as a venue to purchase goods and services, but also a conducive place to truly enjoy the “staying time” experience itself. LaLaport BBCC also takes pride in its line-up of stores that is already familiar to people in various countries such as Malaysia, Japan and South Korea.


A furniture & interior specialty store with more than 640 stores in Asia and the United States, with the majority in Japan. We offer products that allow customers to freely customize living spaces and enrich their lives at prices and quality that offer "unexpected value for money", as NITORI’s products' value stretches far beyond its prices. We are also known for a large selection of cool bedding under the "N-Cool" series, and the first NITORI in Southeast Asia will hit Malaysian shores soon.

High-quality products and customer service from Japan

Next-generation shopping experience like never before

Entertainment options provide new experiential value

LaLaport's New Value in Malaysia

Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport operates 16 facilities in Japan and has been actively developing in Asian countries and regions, including Shanghai and Taiwan. In 2015, Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. opened Mitsui Outlet Park Kuala Lumpur International Airport Sepang, where it provided customers with new value shopping. Malaysian consumer needs and values have become more diverse than ever before, with the increase of middle-income group due to economic growth, the expansion of globalization, and the evolution of digital technology in recent years. As a lifestyle-oriented shopping mall, LaLaport BBCC will create a new customer experience by merging the value provided by current shopping malls with the latest trends based on consumer insights while leveraging on experience cultivated in Japan and Malaysia.

Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. has been developing LaLaport BBCC through its Malaysian subsidiary MFBBCC Retail Mall Sdn Bhd (a project company established with UDA Holdings Berhad, Eco World Development Group Berhad and Employee Provident Fund Board to promote this project).

As LaLaport BBCC opens to the public, works will continue on new projects such as the serviced apartments which is a parcel developed by Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. that is expected to commercialize starting 2024. Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. will offer various convenient services for office workers and residents in the adjacent blocks with its vast experience in mixed-use complex development in urban areas. In addition, it will proceed with development of the BBCC area in sequence by working closely with adjacent facilities and partners such as BBCC Development Sdn Bhd. Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. will contribute to the rejuvenation of the surrounding area and value enhancement of the entire BBCC project.

"Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport BUKIT BINTANG CITY CENTRE" opens on 20th January 2022



DON DON DONKI is based on the concept of a Japan brand specialty store that offers products made in Japan or products for the Japanese market at affordable prices. In Malaysia, we are developing a concept known as "JONETZ by DON DON DONKI" focused on providing Japanese Products such as the house brand known as "Jonetsu Kakaku (Passionate Price)".


A digital & home appliance specialty store, dominating the Japan retail market, with more than 190 stores. Nojima's key strength is providing expert personal consulting services to meet customers’ needs, along with offering proposals on various services associated with the products. Nojima's first ever store in Malaysia, that retails electrical home appliances, electronic items, furniture and furnishings will be opened, in collaboration with their local subsidiary, Courts Malaysia. A wide range of top-quality products with attractive pricing, will be on display for purchase. Nojima looks to gain an enlarged customer base with this flagship store in Malaysia.


Star Child

Star Child, which has 40 nurseries in Japan, is coming to Malaysia! In addition to the Japanese quality of Childcare, we will expand in Malaysia with our newly developed original educational content with our original teaching method named WALLET TM. * WALLET is a program that develops brain power through the five senses.

W (Watching) A (Activating) L (Listening) E (Expressing) T (Thinking).



A refreshing next-gen Metrojaya store that will showcase trend-setting lifestyle products, some of which will not be available elsewhere. Comprising local and international brands, shopping at our new Metrojaya store will prove to be a seamless experience as we bring to you the best, from fashion to furnishings, with niches for pampering and grooming, and so much more. Combined with a digital journey, Metrojaya LaLaport will certainly be an exciting go-to destination.


WeGo is a modern concept of convenience store featuring the world’s latest technology in retail and shopping. Going cashless, just walk in, grab your items and go.


Japan's largest pet shop opens in Malaysia for the first time. An attached cat cafe has four different themes; customers will also be able to interact with about 50 various breeds of cute cats.



From best-selling novels, children’s books, literatureand art to evergreenclassics, cooking and more, BookXcess has built a reputation for their unsurpassed inventory since 2007. With the primary aim to inculcate the reading habit by making books easily accessible at affordable prices, their vast selection of books will soon be available at LaLaport! A whole new retail experience beckons.


Experience the Thai way of life at Malaysia's First Indoor Thai Floating Market. The market will offer everyone all sorts of Thai street foods, Thai products and also include a famous Thai dessert cafe.



The famous Korean Indoor roller skate rink, ROLLERWA+ is a NEW Premium concept that offers high-end sound & special lighting systems operating in sync with K- Pop while the ROLLERWA+ Mocktail Bar brings further satisfaction to roller-skaters and K-culture lovers.


First store in Malaysia and restaurants with new concept

LaLaport BBCC is offering food experiences that have never been seen in shopping malls, such as a first-ever or flagship store in Malaysia, a previously Michelin-listed store and new concept dining by a famous chef. Visitors can also enjoy the taste of local restaurants that are household names in Malaysia.

New food experiences at LaLaport BBCC with new concept dining by famous chefs

Savour the tastes of well-established stores that are popular in Malaysia and Michelin-listed stores


Experience "transcendental dining" with Chef James Won's endless interpretation of elevated Yōshoku creations, through a masterly fusion of modern French techniques with exquisite Japanese produce, and Malaysian indigenous ingredients.



Marta's Kitchen

Serving authentic Spanish cuisine through quality ingredients, homemade recipes and a bustling dining experience. Marta's Kitchen is the place to come together for celebrating a real fiesta with Paella, tapas and churros.

What’s On Tap

What's On Tap is a specialty coffee shop that provides a full sensory experience with its sophisticated café design and hand-picked selection of specialty coffee.

Buena Brasa Gastropub

Buena Brasa is Spanish & European cuisine, the abundance of flavours and aromas is what makes it very unique. To savour popular dishes like paella, tapas, josper charcoal-grilled meats, Buena Brasa Gastropub is your go-to place!

Beer Bank

Largest Beer Collection Bar in Malaysia, serves more than 600++ different types of beers, enjoy your favorite beer with us! Sophisticated, cozy and coolest interior design, only at LaLaport BBCC!

Hawker Chan

Having made it into Michelin's first-ever guide to Singapore in 2016 earning one star, Hawker Chan's first quick service restaurant (QSR) in KL will soon be landing in LaLaport BBCC.

Nam Heong Chicken Rice

With more than 80 years of history since 1938, Nam Heong has won an Excellence Award for 3 consecutive years in KL. They were also awarded the title of Oldest Hainanese Chicken Rice in Malaysia by Malaysia Book of Records. Their renowned cuisine will soon be available for all at LaLaport!

Malaysia's first restaurants from Japan, familiar restaurants open with new concepts

The first restaurants in Malaysia and many popular restaurants in Malaysia will be opening to offer truly authentic Japanese tastes with Japanese quality to Malaysian food lovers.

Authentic Japanese food experience, including the first store in Malaysia


DONQ/Mini One

A long-established bakery founded in 1905 from Kobe, it has since expanded into 130 stores in Japan and another 35 stores overseas. Shoppers in Malaysia can look forward to enjoying high quality breads.



A creation of culinary art and passion with an exclusive partnership with Michelin-starred Master Chef Takuji Takahashi. MATCHA EIGHT is thefirst premium Japanese tea ice cream in Malaysia, specializes in artisanal and 100% natural Japanese tea ice cream made with the finest single- origin tea powder imported from Kyoto.


Premium sweets store from Japan opening independently in Malaysia. Halal-certified sweets that combine the delicate and elegant confectionery quality of Japan to bring a whole new taste to LaLaport BBCC.

Miyatake Sanuki Udon

For a truly unique udon experience, look no further than Miyatake Udon – known for stringent quality, their traditional Japanese Sanuki udon is imported and freshly made with your choice of toppings.



YAKINIQUEST, a unit of Wagyu lovers that visited yakiniku restaurants 2,000+ times in total. After successful launching of its first outlet in Singapore, we’re ready to serve the best Yakiniku in Malaysia!


Tamaruya Honten Steakhouse

Operated by an established brand, Wasabi product company Tamaruya has a long history in Shizuoka and will be bringing their first steakhouse restaurant to Malaysia.


IPPUDO is a global ramen brand, first established in 1985 in Hakata, Fukuoka. We now have stores in 15 countries and welcome guests with a truly comfortable space, exclusively designed for LaLaport BBCC.


The authentic all-you-can-eat shabu shabu and sukiyaki restaurant from Japan.Offering unlimited high-quality meats and fresh vegetables with variety of soups and sauces as well as various sides.


TAKE-AWAY is the preferred hole-in-the-wall restaurant for Kuala Lumpur's working crowd especially for those looking for fresh grab-and-go options as well as lunch sets with Japanese authentic flavours. Japanese Onigiri (rice balls) and Donburi (rice bowls) made fresh daily are your must-tries!

Extensive store line-up of global brands and national brands

There will be many other familiar global and local brands. Here are some of the unique stores, including flagship tenants:

Flagship stores of popular Japanese brands and eyewear brands from Japan



The eyeglass brand, which is popular for its high quality and reasonable prices in Japan, opens in Malaysia. Zoff aspires to become a new leader in eyewear fashion trends with their new and cool designs.


Popular local brands open with new concepts

Jaya Grocer

Jaya Grocer, one of Malaysia's most recognizable premium retailers in fresh market produce and imported foods, will be unveiling their latest outlet at LaLaport BBCC very soon.

MR. D.I.Y.

Offering a wide selection of hardware, household, electrical, stationery, sports equipment products and others at good quality and value-for-money; holding true to its company motto: “ALWAYS LOW PRICES”.

Popular international brands offer unchangeable value

More popular brands that enrich the Malaysian lifestyle


AIGNER presents beautifully crafted luxury leather bags and small leather goods for men and women.


LEVI’S®, one of the most iconic denim brands in the world known for authenticity and self-expression, is reimagining its retail space through its Indigo Store, to offer a highly engaging and personalized shopping experience.


Home of the Essential British Kit, HACKETT LONDON prides itself on its authentic British style and reputation for its global collaboration with Aston Martin.


Authentic and iconic, Polo Ralph Lauren is the original symbol of the modern preppy lifestyle. Polo Ralph Lauren is stylish, timeless and appeals to all generations.

3. Environmental Concept in response to diverse lifestyles and needs

Urban, sophisticated architectural and interior designs that embody the warmth of nature

Based on " Modern Simplicity" and "Japanese Flavour" design concepts, LaLaport BBCC brings to life a stylish appearance befitting city centre locations complemented by a warm interior design conducive for shoppers to spend the entire day in comfort.

LaLaport BBCC offers a variety of food scenes that make it very attractive to visit over and again. A large F&B floor houses supermarkets that can meet the various demands of customers; “Depachika Marche” where plenty of take-away foods are available, and a casual food court called “Cafeteria”. Meanwhile, the “Gourmet Street” makes for a fresh al fresco dining experience for shoppers while the large “Garden Dining” food court on Level 4 boasts a 1,400-seating capacity.

Food areas that provide variety and vast options

LaLaport BBCC outlook

Common walkways


Central Rooftop Garden (L4)

"Depachika Marche"(LG1)

Convenient F&B take-aways for parties

"Gourmet Street"(GF)

Terrace seats to enjoy meals outdoors

"Garden Dining" Food Court (L4)

Kids spaces for children to enjoy

LaLaport BBCC provides many event spaces that can meet various needs. The “Central Rooftop Garden” has a large site of approximately 1,700sqm equipped with a roofed step stage and is surrounded by greenery and trees. There is also the “WOW PLAZA”, a unique event space located at the centre of Gourmet Street. The impressive “Grand Steps” next to the main entrance will feature various forms of illumination in tandem with seasonal events.

In addition, “Zepp Kuala Lumpur”, one of Japan's leading concert halls, will open in the "entertainment hub" area of the block adjacent to LaLaport BBCC. The mall plans to have regular music events and campaigns in this facility in collaboration with Zepp, which operates 10 other facilities in Japan and Taiwan. This will be the first-ever Zepp hall in Malaysia. There are also plans to collaborate with other adjacent partners, such as the “Malaysian Grand Bazaar”, which focuses on local specialties, as well as Golden Screen Cinemas.

Common spaces that provide inspired experiences within a relaxed environment

Entertainment Hub (Area of block adjacent to LaLaport BBCC)

Zepp Kuala Lumpur

Here at the very first Zepp hall in Malaysia, visitors can look forward to an extensive line-up of events from cultural shows to music tie-ups in collaboration with Zepp Kuala Lumpur. With a seating capacity of up to around 2,500 and 8 VIP areas, Zepp Kuala Lumpur is renowned not only for live performances by famous artists using the highest quality sound and lighting, but also for corporate events, fashion shows, eSports tournaments, martial arts events etc and is also set to act as a new cultural exchange base between Malaysia and Japan in the future.

Malaysia Grand Bazaar

Malaysia Grand Bazaar (MGB) is positioned as a first-of-its kind centre of Malaysian culture & heritage, a must-see place for both locals and foreigners. Visitors can experience street food, handicrafts, contemporary crafts and cultural performances within its 100,000 sq. ft. premises featuring carefully curated artisan brands from all states in Malaysia.

Safety and security of facilities

In order to ensure that customers can enjoy their shopping without any hygiene concerns, regular disinfection of interior facilities and carts are carried out alongside efforts to improve the environment in terms of infrastructure, such as introducing contactless elevators.

Live Streaming

By utilizing the online platform and live streaming, LaLaport BBCC will support stores to promote new products and campaign events. Customers can get the latest information on facilities, detailed information on stores, etc. from home.

Regular sanitization (reference)

Contactless elevators (reference)

4. Customer Service & Store Support to enhance a New Shopping Experience

Loyalty Reward Point Program through LaLaport MY Mobile App

The mall will launch the LaLaport BBCC membership app, which provides one-stop customer service on smartphones. Through the app, LaLaport BBCC will deliver the latest information, such as sales promotions and events, as well as premium coupons which offer members-only discounts and services.

Among the tentative benefits include:

• 1% reward on purchase price at participating stores

• Regular point-up weeks

• Further bonus points for shopping during sale periods

• Gift points for new app registrations

• Birthday month gift points

• Gift points for in-app game participation

• A number of additional benefits, including discount coupon distribution from stores

The space will feature:

• Green plants

• Napping space

• Powder rooms

• Free Wi-Fi, smartphone and PC charging area

• Sterilization device installation

• Partition boards at counter seats for secure social distancing

Providing a comfortable working environment for employees

In order to create a comfortable working environment, LaLaport BBCC is preparing an ergonomic and hygienic staff lounge for mall employees and staff.

Support for hiring local staff in Malaysia

LaLaport BBCC will also collaborate with human resource companies in Malaysia to support the recruitment of employees to work in tenants’ outlets.