Celebrate the woman that moves your world with Cycle & Carriage this May

Kuala Lumpur, 11th May 2022 With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a mother’s car becomes her lifeline, a vehicle that will take her from point A to point B while fulfilling her everyday needs. Discover ways you can celebrate, surprise, and spoil the woman that moves your world this May in celebration of Mother’s Day with Cycle & Carriage.


Growing up, our moms have always been the caretakers of our life, showering us with love, care, and support to ensure our well-being and needs are constantly taken care of. Similar to how our moms have raised us by giving us all the love and care we need, now is the time to repay our moms and wives for all their love and effort. Let her take some time off, rejuvenate and refresh while you make her life easier by giving her car a thorough grooming so her car looks as good as new and is in excellent working order.

All you have to do is arrange for her Mercedes-Benz to be pampered by Cycle & Carriage’s various services. Take the chance to give her car a new coat of paint with Cycle & Carriage’s Complete Spray Paint Promotion which includes complimentary vehicle grooming and wheel alignment. You can be sure she will love driving around town with a fresh-looking car!

At the same time, don’t forget to fix the interiors of the vehicle so her daily car rides are comfortable and enjoyable. Fix her Mercedes-Benz’s air-conditioning needs with either Cycle & Carriage’s “Vehicle Interior and Air Conditioning Cleaning without Filter” or the “Vehicle Interior and Air Conditioning Cleaning with Filter” for cleaner air and overall more hygienic environment for mom.


While her car is attended and groomed by our trained experts at Cycle & Carriage, take time off to spend much-needed quality time with mom and create priceless starlike memories. As you wait for the car to be serviced, sit back and relax at the Cycle & Carriage Star Lounge together while you bond and catch up with mom over a variety of decadent treats, such as local Malaysian desserts and refreshments.

After the tête-à-tête at the Star Lounge, check out different Mercedes-Benz models available at the showroom, let her pick her dream car, and arrange for a test-drive for a taste of an exceptional drive in a Mercedes-Benz car.


If your mom is a die-hard Mercedes-Benz fan, surprise her with a few Mercedes-Benz branded merchandise to add to her collection. After a day out with her, let her come home to an array of fashionable polo shirts, bags, and more that carry the classic three-pointed star logo. They are sure to leave a lasting memory on this special celebration!

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