Petaling Jaya, 14th May 2020 – Interior designers in Malaysia can now submit their entries for the Volvo Car & Aurizn EcoDesign Challenge. This unique competition is jointly organised by and lifestyle publishing house Aurizn, Volvo Car Malaysia, and, duduk – a new brand by Eco World Development Group Berhad (EcoWorld).

A continuation of the inaugural edition in 2018, participants are to submit examples of their past completed projects before they are shortlisted for the Final Challenge. The challenge will see finalists using their creativity to complete the task of creating interior design concepts for actual units of duduk by EcoWorld within a stated budget.

“The original objective of this challenge was to cultivate taste and creativity among Malaysian interior designers, and we saw a unique opportunity to work with Volvo Cars and bring forth their beautiful designs to inspire them. This year, thanks to our new partner EcoWorld, we have the opportunity to give the challenge even more meaning by letting designers to turn their winning designs into reality with more than RM 4 million of furnishing contracts to be won,” said Bobby Ang, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Aurizn.
Participation is open to all interior design firms operating in Malaysia. Firms interested to join only need to post examples of past completed projects on the official Facebook or Instagram accounts of their companies, followed by tagging @dudukmy, @aurizn, and @volvocarmalaysia in their post. Firms are also required to email relevant supporting documents to Aurizn for verification.

“On 17 June 2020, we will be announcing twelve finalists. These finalists will then have about a month to design and furnish, an actual duduk by EcoWorld unit within a given budget. Out of these twelve finalists, the six best designs will be selected and they will be given that budget to realise the layout they created in units that will be sold to actual customers,” Ang continued.

“EcoWorld is delighted to join hands with Volvo Car Malaysia and Aurizn to run this meaningful Design Challenge that truly benefits all parties. Not only are we providing a platform for design firms to showcase their capabilities, but by offering actual contracts of high value to six winning firms, we are also contributing back to the value chain as a small effort to help our economy rebound post Covid-19,” said Ms Ho Kwee Hong, Divisional General Manager of EcoWorld.

THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2020


Volvo Car & Aurizn EcoDesign Challenge - Realizing Scandinavian designs in Malaysian homes

• Challenging Malaysian interior design firms to express their creativity by applying Volvo Cars’ Scandinavian design philosophy to a home space.

• Winning designs to be realized into actual homes with more than RM 4 million’s worth of design and furnish contracts to be won.

Six of the best designs will be chosen and the winners will be given a contract respectively to furnish an entire floor of units in a duduk development based on their proposed design and budget. The six contracts are worth a combined value of more than RM4 million, across the two developments under the duduk brand.

The actual selection process of the six winners will be accomplished through a process that combines the outcome of an online vote from the general public with feedback from a panel of judges comprising of representatives from Aurizn, Volvo Car Malaysia, and EcoWorld.

“This Scandinavian philosophy of prioritising function and elegance is seen in the design of every Volvo car. We feel that the essence of this approach is applicable in the design process of many other things in our lives, including our homes,” Nalin said, explaining the considerations involved in the judging process.

Nalin further added, “The other aspect in Scandinavian design philosophy is the importance placed on efficiency and sustainability. These philosophies have guided the engineering and design of all Volvo cars and we are eager to see our local designers inject these flavours into Malaysian homes to make sustainable and eco-friendly living a way of our life.”

Finalists should submit their final designs by 17 July 2020, after which the designs will be published online and open for a two-week voting period from 22 July to 4 August 2020, followed by the announcement of the winners on 15 August 2020. In keeping with ongoing health guidelines on social distancing, the entire submission and judging processes of the challenge will be conducted fully online.

The inaugural Design Challenge in 2018 had also marked the launch of tech start-up Aurizn, which has since transformed the media landscape with various innovative digital publication solutions, ranging from immersive electronic magazines covering various industries to a diverse and engaging group of presenters.