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Finalists of the VolvoAurizn Design Challenge were treated to a day out in the all-new Volvo S90 T8 Twin Engine to immerse themselves in and capture the essence of Volvo Cars’ design philosophy.


o know is to love; and there truly is no better way to know something other than first-hand experience. The first impression formed as one lays eyes on the subject for the first time, followed by the sensations and emotions evoked as one observes and interacts more intently with it.

Finalists of the inaugural VolvoAurizn Design Challenge were given the task to apply the styling language and design philosophy of Volvo Cars to the interior of a luxury condo – The Estate, by boutique developer BON Estates.

Before setting them off on their final challenge for the grand prize of a trip to Volvo Cars HQ in Sweden, the finalists were treated to a one-day roadtrip to Genting Highlands, where they had the chance to experience the electrifying performance of the all-new Volvo S90 T8 Twin Engine.

Flagged off from the iconic Volvo Cars’ showroom along Federal Highway, the convoy of four Volvo S90 T8s and other accompanying vehicles effortlessly scythed their way through congested peak hour traffic before the roads cleared up approaching Karak Highway.

Away from urban traffic come the challenging twisty roads of Karak Highway and, eventually, Genting Highlands. It was here that the Volvo S90 T8 truly shone combining the superb performance of ‍‍‍its powerful yet efficient PHEV powertrain with the unruffled dynamics of its SPA platform.

Stops were planned at various points along the route for cars to swap drivers, the glee evident in everybody’s face as each finalist took their turns to experience the car's dynamics.

But whilst most of the finalists clearly enjoyed the drive, the more important takeaway from the exercise was to capture the essence behind Volvo Cars’ latest design philosophy and reinterpret it for a home space.

An expression of understated Scandinavian philosophy, the latest Volvo cabins beginn‍‍‍ing with the XC90 all the way to the recently-launched all-new XC60 boast a high degree of craftsmanship with superior build and a tasteful selection of materials.

Capturing‍‍‍ the

Just how successful were the designers at capturing Volvo Car’s new alluring styling ethos?
Head over to their design page and check them out.

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